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Get One, GIVE One

Buy one (1) SayKid learning platform and we’ll give one (1) to a low-income school. You will receive thank you card from the school, teacher, and/or child.

SayKid is the world’s only screen-less, play-based learning platform that helps families learn together in a safe, natural, and engaging way.


  • Designed for families with children between the ages of 4-9+
  • Learning experiences enable children to play the role of teacher, align to the leading early learning standards, and promote group play to build relationships
  • No screen!

Key Benefits

  • Reduce Screen Time – Prior to COVID-19, the average child was spending 20% of their day in front of screens. Excessive screen time hurts language, social, and cognitive development.
  • Build Social-Emotional, Language, and Cognitive Skills – Kids don’t develop social skills by pushing buttons or language by swiping screens. Most early skills are developed through back-and-forth interaction. In addition to language and social-emotional skills, our interactive experiences promote active listening and important executive function skills.
  • Helps Kids feel Competent, Capable, and Connected – We empower children to play the role of teacher, which not only helps them feel successful but also builds agency. Importantly, all of our experiences can be played in a group setting to build critical early relationships.

Requires: Our educational experiences are delivered through Amazon Alexa, so WiFi connectivity and active imagination are required.

Expected Delivery: Q1 2021

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