Meet ToyBot™

New School Technology. Old School Play.

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Play-based learning

ToyBot™ is an interactive, play-based learning tool without a screen. Designed for children between the ages of 4-9 (and the adults that support them), ToyBot™ combines voice technology and tangible play to help kids learn in a safe, natural, and engaging way – by playing the role of teacher.

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Reduce Screen time

The average kid spends 20% of their day in front of screens. Excessive screen time hurts language, social, and cognitive development.

Build Social, Language, & Cognitive Skills

Kids don’t build social skills by pushing buttons or language by swiping screens. These skills are developed through back-and-forth interaction.

Helps Kids feel Competent, Capable, & Connected

Kids play the role of teacher, which not only helps them feel successful but also builds agency. Our experiences can be played as a group to build relationships.

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How does it work?

Freeze Dancing!

The radio just stops – kids build executive function skills by stopping when the music ends.

Gross Motor

Cleaning Up!

Cleaning up has never been easier – and more fun – when it feels like play!



Kids use their imagination to fix the robot!


Drawing Pictures!

Our robot forgot the names of some items so kids will help it remember them – by drawing!

Fine motor

Learning Letters!

This robot doesn’t know its letter names and sounds – kids build phonemic awareness by teaching it!


Building Empathy!

The root of empathy is perspective so kids help the robot understand and appreciate differences.


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Product Options

(Exp. ship: Q4 2021)

You’ll get one play-based learning platform and access to our entire library of content – a ton of fun, a lot of learning, and no screens!


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ToyBot™ GOGO

(Give one, Get one)

Give the gift of play! You’ll get one of our play-based learning platforms and we’ll also give one to a school that serves low-income students. 

PS. You’ll get a thank you note from students 🙂

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