Big Feelings


Big Feelings helps children identify the name of emotions and learn positive strategies to manage them. Approaches vary based on the type of emotion (e.g., mad, sad, anxious, etc.) but may include breathing, physical activity, or mindfulness exercises. We encourage all of our experiences to be used with a supportive adult.

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SayKid has developed the world’s 1st screenless, play-based learning platform. By combining voice technology and real-world play, we help families learn together in a safe, natural, and engaging way. Search “SayKid” on the Alexa Skill store for additional learning experiences or visit us at We love receiving feedback from users and appreciate reviews!

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SayKid named Finalist in the Alexa EdTech event at SXSW EDU (
Harvard recognizes SayKid for it’s potential to transform early education (
SayKid wins “Moonshot” Prize for biggest breakthrough innovation (
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