Robot Potato


In Robot Potato, a robot plays music as people pass it around. When the music stops, one person is out! When only one person is left, say “game over” to end the game or start again.

Why it’s educational: Kids learn through tangible play so this experience is designed to help kids build important gross motor skills in a fun, engaging way!

About SayKid
SayKid has developed the world’s 1st screen-less, play-based learning platform. By combining voice technology and real-world, tangible play, we help families learn together in a safe, natural, and engaging way – without screens!

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– SayKid named Finalist in the Alexa EdTech Competition
– Harvard names SayKid a Finalist in the Saul Zaentz Early Education Competition
– SayKid wins MN Cup “Moonshot” Prize at US Bank Stadium